Web Design Services in Ipswich, Suffolk

Did you know that the latest research shows that internet users decide in less than one second from arriving on your website whether to continue using it or to leave?

In other words, it is possible that your potential new customers could decide whether or not to do business with you in as little as one second. This decision is based entirely on the visual appearance of your website.

Websites have almost become the public face of the companies they represent. They are, in effect the “shop window” on to your business and people believe they reflect a company’s reliability and professionalism, no matter what product or service you are marketing.

When LoopWhole designs a website for a client we concentrate on translating the client’s company image and brand into the look and feel of the site. The aim is to communicate the company message from first impact.

Web Design Portfolio

There is a lot more to web design than a site’s graphical appearance. The layout, functionality and information structure all affect the user experience. These aspects must all be carefully considered and implemented for the website to achieve its goals.

Existing websites that perform well may still be improved upon. By closely monitoring how users are getting to your website and what they do when they get there, changes can be made to improve the site’s performance.

Web Design Process